Flushing New York Garden City


I took the Dialysis Technician training course. I learned so much and my instructors were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I am confident that they prepared me well enough to follow my new career path and succeed in becoming the best technician I can possibly be!!! Thank you Dr. Syfuddin Alam and Nisha Browne.

Lisa Blagman

I took the medical billing class with Ms.Navneet. She was really nice & made everything easy.

Salma khan

I took medical billing class and our teacher Miss Navneet is the best, she is very knowledgeable and taught us well!

Siu Man Fung

I took the Medical Billing Course and I have no complaints. Mrs. Navneet explained everything well, she was able to break it down for us perfectly in sick a short period of time!!! I thought it was going to be overwhelming since it’s so much to learn in only 3 weeks but she is great at what she does and she was an amazing help!!! Recommend it!!!


Great great teacher and great staff!! Special thanks to my teacher Mrs. Navneet and my classmates!!!!


Medical billing and coding, Ms. Navneet is the best teacher I've had in a long time. She breaks everything down and makes sure you understand. She prepares you well for the test and is open to help you with any doubts you may have.


By far the best place to learn if your coming for medical billing that’s the course I took Ms.Navneet is so good at what she does she’s very caring and very great at teaching she breaks it down to a common sense level to make you understand so much in such little time I enjoyed being here I recommend this class to anyone who would want to take it


The medical billing & coding course was excellent. Very fast but with Ms. Navneet you understand everything! Wouldn’t have been able to finish this class & understand everything without her. She takes her time & makes sure you understand and know what you are doing.

Isabell Aziz

This schools is awesome.I studied in Flushing campus.Staff and teachers are great! Education Quality is great here.So much much better than colleges.


I recently took a hemodialysis course with Dr. Varsally..it was awesome! I learned so much. Dr V is very patient, and explains difficult concepts in simple terms..I will miss his teaching..


I took a medical billing course with Ms. Gaitrie Sookram and it was very informative and helpful. She was really knowledgeable and we gained a lot from the course. Our substitute teacher Mr. Rajesh was also informative. The teachers gave great real world examples to help understand the subject. I am very thankful for Dr. Nand Panjwani who gave me the opportunity to take this course. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in medical billing.


I completed dialysis tech program at the queens location. I had Nisha as a teacher. she is the best teacher in this field. she teaches every details that we need to know and make sure that every and each students are following as directed. I am confident that you will find her as professional and experienced for this Course. since class is not a huge size, I had good relationship with my classmates and I believe it is very important because you will see them every day.