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School Policies



Entrance Requirements for The New York Medical Career Training Center is a High School Diploma, General Education Diploma (GED) or higher College Degree. If a student does not have a H.S. Diploma, GED or higher College Degree, they must take the Ability to Benefit exam (offered for free at the school) and score a passing grade. Upon completion of the Medical Assistant Curriculum, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from The New York Medical Career Training Center.

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Leave Of Absence

Any student who must take a leave of absence may do so, by submitting in writing to the school Education Director. A letter stating why the student needs to take a leave of absence. When applicable and as requested by the Director, the student wishing to take the leave of absence must submit documented proof for said emergency, death in the family, or situations that the school deems necessary to have documented proof.


A student will be allowed two absences per term. Upon a third absence the student will receive a warning from the course instructor so student is aware that progress may be affected. At this time, the student will be responsible to make-up the absent hours as well (see make-up policy). When a student is absent a fifth time, the student must see the Education Director to explain reasons for absences and discuss a method to correct such. When the student acquires a seventh absence the student will be dismissed for that term and will have to repeat term courses.


A student must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. There is absolutely no profanity allowed at any time, anywhere or any place on or near the school premises. A student may not threaten verbally or physically any person, instructor, other student, employee, or visitor of any violent act(s) or commit violent act(s) or crimes.


The New York Medical Career Training Center offers payment plans as a means of payment.

Description Of Office Space

The New York Medical Career Training Center is located at 136-20 38th Avenue, Suite 5F Flushing, New York 11354. The current office space has six classrooms; There is one classroom with computers for the medical billing, and computer application courses. Another room is reserved for as the media room for the students. There are four other classrooms, equipped with medical equipment for teaching lessons.

Credit Granting Policy For Previous Education And Training

Credit for training received prior to attending The New York Medical Career Training Center cannot be used as transfer credit towards completion of the Medical Assistant program.

Certification Exam

Students are encouraged to take the National Health Career Association Exam (NHA).

Registration Of School

The New York Medical Career Training Center is registered by The New York State Education Department with an approved Medical Assistant curriculum.