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Dialysis Technician


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Our body has vital organs without these vital organs body cannot survive. Kidneys are one of the most important organ in the body. Kidney has multiple functions. Kidney excrete waste, toxin from the blood, maintaining the hemostasis of the body. Kidney works with endocrine system, maintaining electrolyte and maintain ph balance of the blood. Another words this little organ has so many functions. When kidney stop working and cannot perform its job we call it kidney failure. There are two there are two types of kidney failure.

  • Acute Kidney failure
  • Chronic Kidney failure

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Acute Kidney failure

In Acute kidney failure kidney goes into temporarily failure due to trauma, or other medical condition, but kidney function can be restore after medical treatment.

Chronic Kidney Failure

In Chronic kidney failure where kidney permanently damage and function cannot be restore. At this stage kidney patient needs a Dialysis treatment or transplant.

Dialysis is a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood, and is used primarily as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in people with kidney failure.

What Is Dialysis Technician?

Dialysis technician perform dialysis treatment to dialysis patient under the supervision of Registered Nurse. Dialysis technician take vital signs, prep hemodialysis machine, perform vascular access cannulation, draw blood, prepare dialyasate, monitor water treatment room, initiate hemodialysis treatment as per the nephrologist orders and under registered nurse supervision

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Frequently Ask Questions

Do I need a NYS License?

NO. Once you get the job you must pass your National Certification within 18 MONTHS as required and Mandated by CMS. Center of Medicare and Medicaid Service.