The overseas students who want to pursue Medical Assistant Program in the United States need to follow a procedure. This procedure needs few formalities, which need to be fulfilled before coming to the United States. The formalities are as follows –

1. High School Diploma – There is a requirement of a high school diploma, which clearly mentions that the candidate has passed the desired diploma. This diploma must convey the information of the diploma in English or it must be translate to English.

2. Photo Identification – Any identification, which states credentials like name, address, photo, and blood group. This helps in proving identity of the candidate to the authorities.

3. Citizenship – The proof of citizenship is mandatory in United States. It can be possible with the help of a Passport of the respective country.

4. Income Proof – The total income of the student needs to be shown to the authorities, this helps in proving that the overseas candidate is able to pay the fee and that the candidate can bear the daily expenses.

5. A letter of interest – A candidate seeking to take admission in a desired college needs to show interest about his course with the help of a letter. This helps in giving support to his candidature.