The documentation is an important aspect while enrolling for a program in an institute. The further course depends on the documentation process only. Example, a student seeking admission in a medical assistant training program in Flushing needs to validate the documents, which proves an individual’s identity and the required documents are follows –

1. Social Security Number (SSN) – The SSN provided by the agencies to an individual for various purposes.

2. Valid photo ID – A photograph on a valid proof.

3. High School Diploma – The Diploma insures about the past Education of a student.

4. Passport – A valid passport showcasing all the relevant information.

A student seeking to take admission in a course needs to submit the above documents. In case, a foreign student is applying for the above course, then (3) needs to be translated to English language and (4) is required from foreign students only. The submission of proof of identity makes sure that a student is able to gain an identity from the institute itself in the form of identity card. These identity cards become the face of a student and at a later stage, when placement session begins, only these identity cards are moved forward by the institute to the placement agencies. Therefore, placement agencies are able to differentiate between the students on a particular ground.