Candidate pursuing phlebotomy technician training gets to learn various job tasks, which are as follows:

  • Assembling of required tools and equipment like blood collection devices, needles, alcohol, gauze and bandages, tourniquet, etc. that are needed for collecting blood samples.
  • Maintain patient records for future diagnosing.
  • Build a sense of trust with patients so that they feel comfortable.
  • Perform withdrawing of blood responsibly. Procedural steps are to be carried out i.e. is locating the vein, dabbing disinfectant on arm, insert syringe to withdraw blood and lastly collect it in a tube.
  • After withdrawing of blood, the injected area is to be treated and sample is to be labeled and recorded.
  • Addition duties like taking vital signs, interviewing patients, taking test samples to laboratories is job of a technician.

If you are interested in gaining phlebotomy certification, you need to seek out accredited schools in your area that offers valuable subjective and clinical experience. Hands on experience is the crucial part of training program because actual understanding of how to physically draw blood, handle samples and specimens, and perform vital first aid measures are learned by candidate during the training program.