Medical assisting is a vast medical career that has many options and employment opportunities.Take a look at the major ones:

Clinical medical assistants: They work in clinical environment, with nurses and physicians during the treatment and examination of patients. Their responsibilities include taking temperature, measuring blood pressure and noting down patient history. One can receive medical assistant training via vocational course and degree programs.

Administrative medical assistant: They are not in direct contact with patients during the treatment and are majorly accountable for clerical jobs. As a part of their routine, they have to confirm and arrange appointments, take care of lab supplies, attend phone calls, do some billing, and prepare charts.

Podiatry MAs: A medical assistant in podiatry field works with a podiatrists. The work responsibilities of these MAs would include assisting doctors with minor medical procedures, developing X-rays and other such minor tasks.

Ophthalmic MAs: The kind of work that these individuals have to perform revolves around working closely with ophthalmologists. The field of ophthalmology is a specialized one and the kind of work that assistants in this field perform differs from that of what MAs in general medicines do. Regulations regarding the nature of work that these professionals have to perform would differ depending from state to state. However, some of the common responsibilities would be to take patients history, check eye pressure, vision, and conduct other tests as guided by the doctor.