Electrocardiography or EKG technicians are given the task of conducting electrocardiogram tests. These tests trace electrical impulse that is generated by the patients’ heart. To prepare the person for test, electricians have to attach multiple electrodes to patients’ arms, legs and chest to note down the reading by ECG machines.

Those reading are then interpreted by doctors to make decisions about diagnosis and treatment. To handle this job with flair, EKG technicians must know how to deal with patients even under stressful conditions.

The foremost ability required for this profession is the aptitude and knack for working with complicated machinery and a desire to help people. These candidates must be precise, logical and know how to keep patient information confidential.

Another essential trait to be a successful technician is that candidates should have communication skills both verbal and written. This is because they are in direct link with patients, team of doctors and other staff members. Familiarity of medical terminologies will help people in this profession in explaining the ongoing treatment and diagnosis accurately to the patients.

Bedside manners in this medical occupation are equally essential. EKG technicians should be compassionate and their tone of voice should reflect mannerism. They should know how to relax patients who sometime may feel stressed out. For that, they must be able to work calmly under stressful hours.