CET & CPT training offered by a career training school is a program in which students get the opportunity to learn about both electrocardiography (EKG) and phlebotomy fields. This training opens two doors of opportunities for trainees as they are trained in two different medical fields. After completing the course, one can get two certifications, which increase the job and career opportunities.

CET & CPT program covers a variety of topics from both fields.

In the electrocardiography part of this training, students get to learn about topics like electrocardiography, different types of blood vessels, basic electrophysiology, physiology and anatomy of cardiovascular system etc.

Students are also taught about different rhythms like sinus, atrial, ventricular & junctional, AV & ventricular rhythm along with AV blocks. They learn how to perform ECGs on patients and how to analyze pacemaker functions & rhythm.

In CET & CPT training, students are trained in phlebotomy too. In this part of the program, trainees learn topics that constitute the basics of phlebotomy, like physiology and anatomy. Furthermore, they learn about the proper procedure of blood withdrawal & collection, different techniques for blood withdrawal (such as venous method) and the appropriate way of handling equipment.

They are also taught about the safety of specimen handling. Trainees learn how to use the hemoglobinometer to obtain hemoglobin level or glucometer for analyzing glucose level along with the use of microhematocrit centrifuge. Topics like basic phlebotomy skills and legal issues of phlebotomy are also included in this program.

During the course, students receive training from experienced instructors of both EKG and phlebotomy fields. After completing the CET & CPT training, one can go for the NHA’s national certification exams to get proper certification. Qualifying the certification is a sign of your skills and competence.

Get trained in two medical fields with professional CET & CPT and get two chances at a successful career.