Those into medical administration work with patients, right from the moment they receive call for booking the appointment. A medical administrator would fix the appointment and gather information related to information.

After appointment they schedule follow up visits if any extra testing is prescribed by the doctor. They work in different types of medical units and perform duties like faxing, filing, taking messages, and attending phone calls. Proficiency with computers is essential for to be successful medical office administrator.

In case the office begins to run out of medical supplies, they are the professionals who will be responsible for ordering the supplies and taking care of supply stock. Some of the human resources duties are also handled by administrators such as handling initial interview rounds of potential employees, and completing paper work related to hiring.

In bigger medical office settings, office administrators are required to handle work related to insurance billing and coding. As a part of coding, they are required to handle codes, to complete billing procedures. To be able to do that, they should have knowledge of CPT for proper billing and diagnosis codes. Apart from that, they also have to follow up with insurance firms as well as patients.