The job of medical billers is to handle bills. Candidates pursuing this profession require sending invoices to clients, ensure clients have made payments, and handle disputed invoices.

Billing manager supervises medical billing assistant in carrying out billing tasks. Candidates pursuing medical billing course should be good in pressure handling, have strong analytical skills and must be problem solvers. Aspirants should also have good knowledge about Microsoft Excel and Word.

To make career in this field, candidates must be familiar with the prerequisites of this profile. Certified training and hands on experience is also essential for candidates to excel in this field.

Besides academic qualification, candidate should also possess certain add-on skills. The most prominently required skills include good communications skills, excellent in delivering customer service, knowledge about basic mathematics, understanding of financial concepts, bookkeeping knowledge, and organizational skills.

Billing assistants require keeping patience as well, as they have to process and deal with piles of invoices.