Candidates in the profession of assisting medical billers are responsible for the creation and handling of invoices. They send invoices to clients for the purpose of ensuring payment and handling disputed invoices. A billing manager would be the person responsible for supervising the work of a medical billing assistant.

This medical profession requires that a person have an ability to multitask and be able to work independently. The candidates wishing to pursue this as full time career option must be able to handle pressure, has strong analytical skills along with a good problem-solving attitude.

The educational qualifications and prerequisites of this designation requires high school diploma and up to three years of experience as a biller. The person should have a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word.

Apart from academic qualifications and work knowledge, there are certain skills that a person must possess to be a good billing assistant. Those skills include excellent customer service, good command over written and spoken English, knowledge of basic mathematics, a good understanding of financial concepts, bookkeeping knowledge, outstanding organizational skills along with advanced multi-tasking.

Billing assistants have to process and deal with piles of invoices. Therefore, someone who is good at dealing with heaps of folders and information with accuracy and precision are best for this designation.