There are so many ways of being part of ever-expanding healthcare industry. Often, a successful career in healthcare comes with a huge amount of debt in the form of student loans. However, there are careers that offer you almost no debt and a great future in the industry.  Forget about specialist doctors or registered nursing, medical billing is a necessary and up and coming course in the industry. With the amount of hospitals and clinics opening up in the New York City, the need of medical billers is increasing more than ever.


What is medical billing course?

Medical billing professionals are the individuals who are assigned the task of processing patient’s records and information of their treatment. Such individuals are required at big, small, medium-sized clinics and hospitals. A medical billing course trains these professionals to understand the codes and crunch numbers and analyze the information present in a patient’s chart.


Responsibilities of a medical billing coder

As a medical billing coder, the person is responsible for maintaining all the treatment records in the doctor’s office. Along with this, the coder is in-charge of:

  • Carrying out the administrative work
  • Documenting the daily activities using the proper medical terms
  • Keeping ahead on the bookkeeping and data entry
  • Scheduling the appointments
  • Completing the claim forms
  • Checking the insurance policies of patients and presenting their benefits.


They are also responsible for assigning codes of the corresponding medical procedures to the documents. This helps in getting reimbursement from the insurance offices. A little or no interaction is required with the patients. The position is perfect for the ones who love to crunch numbers, pross codes or analyze numbers.



The training for the medical billing courses in New York can be completed by attending the training schools. Before beginning the training or starting the coursework, we require the student to possess an associate or a bachelor’s degree in bookkeeping or accounting. The degree takes about two years and later can be complemented by completing the medical billing course in New York. At New York Medical Career Training Center, the medical billing course training is of 60 hours.


After Training

After completing the coursework and training, as a coder, you’ll be able to:


  • Handle all the medical billing work
  • Work with patient’s insurance agencies regarding the document submission
  • File insurance claim
  • Process bills and documents
  • Explain medical insurance to patients

Medical coding is one of the fastest developing field on the business side of heath care industry. It is one of the most rewarding, respected and well paying career option in medical field.