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M Ayub Hussain


Prof. Dr. M Ayub Hussain
Program Director & Instructor

Prof. Dr. M Ayub Hussain MBBS (MD), RDMS, RVT

Program Director & Instructor
Dr. Ayub has been started his teaching career since 2005 with Sanford Brown Institute in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasonography for eight years with a very high reputation and recognition in different sectors. With the start with New York Medical Career Training Center in 2013, he is accomplishing more than 13 years in his profession with holding the position as Program Director.
Dr. Ayub is the founder of the ultrasound program in his current school. As of now more than seven hundred students were graduated and working all over the country. He also maintains his YouTube channel with all his recorded lectures for the beginner's sonographers. He is also found in LinkedIn with all his lectures so that graduates can be prepared for their credential exams.
Dr. Ayub is very dedicated and committed towards his profession. Dept of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasonography
New York Medical Career Training Center
Cell: 516 476 4156
Email: mahussain59@gmail.com