Medical office administrators are an integral part of health care settings. Whether it is a private health care institution or any other, the medical office administrators have a major role to play as they manage working of medical institutions and also assist physicians who depend on these professionals for success of their medical practices.

There are a variety of duties and responsibilities, which are handled by health care office administrators, out of which, the most important ones, are as follows:

1. Interacting with patients

Whenever any patient makes a call in a health care institution, it is the office administrators who attend phone calls of the patients and schedule their appointments. They also collect insurance related information from the patients to maintain their records effectively.

2. Office duties

Besides answering phone calls, the office administrators are assigned with numerous other duties like filing paperwork and maintaining accurate records of the patients. In addition to this, they also assist medical experts in performing their duties.

In most of the health care settings, the office administrators are also responsible for hiring additional staff that works in health care institutions.

3. Insurance and billing

The medical administrators are also required to perform insurance coding and billing procedures.