Can you build a successful career as a phlebotomy technician? It is a question that comes in every student’s mind, who wants to become a phlebotomy technician. The answer for this question is yes. You can build a successful career in this profession. The next question is, how?

Training – To enter this profession, you will need professional training. In this training, you can learn about different procedure of blood drawing, collecting samples etc. In clinical education, you will learn how to make right puncture and how to mend it after blood sample is taken. You will also learn about medical terminologies and other medical procedures.

Skills – For this job, you will need personal skills like good communication, attention to details, knowledge of computer, organization skills and professionalism etc. These skills are very helpful in job.

Certification – Certification in phlebotomy is needed only in four states in US. These states are California, Louisiana, Nevada and Washington. Agencies like AMT, NHA, NCA and ASCP provide national certificates for this profession.

Job opportunities – Phlebotomy technicians can get job at any healthcare center such as physician’s office, hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks etc. Since blood and its samples are needed in every medical center, the demand of phlebotomy technicians is always there.

In the cities like Manhattan, medical training in phlebotomy is provided by many institutes. With complete training, skills, certification, you can build a successful career.