The course instructs and demonstrates the proper techniques of various laboratory procedures. The course teaches the basic guidelines for lab safety procedures and the use of personal protective equipments such as hand washing and sterilization of instruments. The course will explain and demonstrate the proper techniques used for examination of each body systems. Examinations includes proper eye examination utilizing Snellen’s and Jaeger charts, ear examination with audiometer, blood withdrawal for glucose level with a sterile lancet, and application of dressing and bandages. The course will also teach in the proper techniques of taking vital signs which includes taking various types of body temperatures, measuring of weight and height, measuring blood pressure with sphygmomanometer, taking respiration and pulse rate, and measuring oxygen saturation with a pulse oximetry.

In addition, the course also instructs the proper techniques to obtain urine specimen, use of Reagent strips, perform a specific gravity test, perform a pregnancy test and prepare urine specimen for microscopic examination. The course will describe in detail the purpose and various methods to obtain a fecal occult blood test, Pap smear, hemoglobinometer, and Accu chek advantage glucose meter. The course will demonstrate the purpose and the proper use of spirometry test and intradermal skin test. The course will review all the universal signs and standard precautions in regard to human blood and body fluids and also discuss the purpose of the regulatory bodies (OSHA, CLIA) regarding disease transmission. The course will teach the proper preparation methods for a treatment room and a minor surgical tray when assisting the physician.