The course begins with a basic description of the major internal and external structures of the heart. It will also describe the major functions of the cardiovascular system, major blood supply of the heart, and electrical conduction pathway of the heart. The instructor will explain the reasons for performing an EKG and also demonstrate the proper method for obtaining a standard EKG rhythm strip. All students will have the opportunity to practice their EKG techniques utilizing a computer based 12 Lead EKG as well as utilizing a 12 Lead EKG machine. It will also emphasize on interpretation of various rhythm abnormalities from EKG strips. The course will describe in detail the EKG characteristics of sinus rhythms, atrial rhythms, ventricular rhythms, atrioventricular blocks, and pacemaker rhythms. The course will teach on how to handle and resolve troubleshooting problems that arise when obtaining an EKG reading.