According to the BLS, nature of work responsibilities handed to the medical assistants depends largely on the office setting and scale of unit for which they work. If the office is small MAs have to handle clerical and clinical tasks. If they work for a large hospital, they may have to handle more defined and specific tasks.

Generally MAs have to maintain patient records. This can include handling insurance forms, updating medical history of patients along with treatment, and taking care of billing issues.

They become partners with physicians into providing adequate patient care. According to BLS, these professionals take vital signs, give instructions to the patients regarding dietary regimen, drug therapy and may draw blood samples. They also prepare patients for tests like X-rays.

They offer a huge contribution in the overall maintenance of medical offices. This may include disposing the contaminated stuff off, sterilizing medical equipment, making sure that the waiting area is clean, and preparing examination room for patients.

Since MAs connect physicians with patients, they must possess exceptional interpersonal skills. They should have a friendly disposition and an empathic attitude towards others. Other than this, they must also be detail-oriented and keen on working with precision.