Patient care training program provides students right way to eligibly enter the ever-challenging and exciting health care field.

After obtaining training from an accredited medical institute, trainee will become eligible to work in a variety of health settings that include hospitals, offices, and living facilities. Apart from this, he/she can also perform home health care.

Training in patient care services allow students to work, as a patient care technician, with doctors and registered nurses.

If we talk from the employer’s point of view, they would like to work with a skilled person who expert in delivering good patient care, following the directions from supervising doctor and nurse. Your employer will want hire a candidate with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of responsibilities associated with the patient care technician job. Patient care training is what helps you to flourish your skills and gain hand-on-experience in the area of concern.

It takes as little as six weeks or as long as a year to complete patient care program. You can get this training by joining appropriate community college, vocational school or technical institutions that offers training in patient care.
During training, you will explore coursework which typically includes:

  • Phlebotomy
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Patient care skills
  • Advanced CPR