It does not matter whether you have just begun your career as EKG technician or have been in the arena for a while, it is crucial for you to have certain personality traits. Apart from quality and professional training, you need following personal traits to succeed in the arena-

1. It is essential for an EKG technician to be able to follow the detailed instructions, as lives of the people will be on the line. You need to have the ability to pay attention and follow the instructions precisely.

2. As an EKG technician, you need to be in a good physical condition, as it’s a job profile that includes lot of standing and walking. You may also require moving heavy objects such as EKG equipment, patient beds, etc.

3. Medical career includes unique stress aspects as compared to other careers. People can be difficult and rude to handle, thus you need special skills to cope with stress in a professional manner.

4. Role of an EKG technician includes regular communication with patients, doctors, nurses, and other technicians, which is why you need to be an effective communicator. Being an effective communicator is as essential as hard working.