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Dr. Nand Panjwani

Institute Director

New York Medical Career Training Center

In 1997 Doctor Nand Panjwani opened the New York Medical Career Training Center. His love and dedication for the medical field inspired him to provide training to people who are willing to dedicate themselves to the medical field.

Dr. Panjwani believes he must provide quality training to his students in order for him to be successful. To accomplish this; Dr. Nand consistently evaluates the Medical Curriculum with industry specialists, rewrites the curriculum and hires qualified industry individuals to teach.

Our Team

Mr. Arnab Majumdar

Enrollment Agent

Lily Liao


Rohit Singh


Ms. Gowri Kribhanidhi

Enrollment Agent

Mrs. Wijanti Panjwani


Mr. Keith Williams R.N.

Nurse Aide/ Assistant Instructor & Internship Instructor

Ms. Michele Bernard R.N.

Nurse Aide / Assistant Internship Instructor

Dr. Radhika Bawa

Medical Assistant Instructor

Dr. Swati Anand

EKG & Phlebotomy Instructor

Dr. Alok Kumar

Medical Assistant Instructor

Dr. Vijay Patel

Pharmacy Technician Instructor

Dr. Derrik Narayanajaya

Medical Assistant Instructor

Dr. Aminul Mannan

Medical Assistant Instructor

Guang Z. Xiao (Carter)

Financial Aid Director